Tuesday, June 13, 2023

A Board of Trustees runs Loutit District Library. Library Trustees are volunteers appointed by their municipality to serve a three-year term. Grand Haven City, Grand Haven Township, and Robinson Township appoint two trustees each. The City of Ferrysburg and the Grand Haven Area Public School District appoint one trustee each for a total of eight trustees. The Board of Trustees’ job is to set policies for the library and appoint the Library Director. If you’d like to become a trustee, please contact your municipality.

Regular meetings of the library board take place on the second Tuesday of every month. Click on the button below to view the agenda for the meeting on Tuesday, June 13 at 5:00 PM.

Library Hours

Mon-Thu: 10AM - 8PM
Fri: 10AM - 6PM
Sat: 10AM - 2PM
Sun: 1PM - 4PM

Local History & Genealogy Hours
Mon: 10AM - 5PM
Tues: 2PM - 7PM
Wed: 10AM - 5PM
Fri: 10AM - 5PM

Cheapstacks Used Book Store Hours
Mon: 10AM - 5PM
Tue: 10AM - 5PM
Wed: 10AM - 3PM
Thu: 10AM - 5PM
Fri: 10AM - 3PM
Sat: 10AM - 1PM
Sun: 1PM - 3:30PM

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